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Be heroic! Save your organization from the perils of spreadsheets. Youth account tracking for your organization. Tracking balances, transactions, and contact information.

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GoScouter features

What GoScouter can do for you

Security included

All pages are secured with military grade encryption. Your data is behind biometric secure datacenters.

Clean Easy Design

A simple layout will give you access to the information you need you when you need it.


All transactions are protected from tampering. Once entered, it cannot be altered. Rest easy that your balances are correct.

Contact Manager

Easily keep member contact email, phone, and mailing addresses up to date.


Simply signup and start tracking account transactions for your members. Set up is easy and hassle free.

Member Access

Each member can easily view their personal account with a simple secure link without hassling with usernames and passwords.

Why GoScouter?

When you're looking for a way to manage youth accounts you need something proven. GoScouter manages over 1000 units, making it easy to manage virtual financial accounts.

Powerful Tools for Group Leaders

Login and start tracking your group's activity, contact information, and organization. Record fundraising proceeds, charges for each member. Stay on top of your accounts and quickly see the grand total of all transactions in your organization.


Easy Access for Parents and Members

With one simple, secure link, all members can see their profile, transaction history, groups, and tags. No need to mess with login information, all personal member information is one click away.

Shane A. Stillwell
Shane A. Stillwell - GoScouter Developer

I developed GoScouter back in 2012 when I was a Cubmaster of 100 scouts and needed a better way than spreadsheets to track scout accounts. Since then, it's grown to service over 1000 units in Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Youth Groups, Cubscouts, Venturing, Youth Sports, and more. I hope you find it useful for your needs.

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